Tips to stop your dog from being aggressive


aggressive dogIf your dog exhibits aggressive attitude on seeing another dog, there could be many reasons behind that. When dogs are approached by their canine counterparts, some of them tend to get anxious or worried which gets manifested in the form frequent barking and unprecedented aggression. It could also be the case where the dog is simply trying to be dominative over the other dog or it is trying to defend his territory from the unwanted visitor. It may get sexually attracted towards the other dog which gets manifested in the form of its aggression. Dog’s aggression could also be caused by its protective attitude towards its master. While most owners may want to refute this, but hostile attitude of dogs can also be an outcome of the dog’s attempt to emulate its master.

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To control the dog’s aggression, the owner has to undertake quite a few activities. To begin with, he has to train the dog to socialize with other pet animals in the house or the neighborhood. This will fetch best results if started right from the puppy stage. Puppies are naturally more inquisitive than adult dogs. If allowed to play with matured and trained dogs, they get to learn many things which include controlling their emotions and actions when they meet foreign dogs in their area. It also learns that not every dog is to be treated as a threat and every time it encounters a new dog, it does not mean that the visitor would be causing harm to the master or overtake its territory.

If the pooch has already been showing signs of aggression and is being hostile in nature, it is the responsibility of the owner to stop that without any delay. The owner can put a stop to the aggressive behavior of his pet by calling out loudly that such behavior from the dog is not accepted and he is certainly not liking it. If the dog manages to get away without a warning from its master, it would get the message that exhibiting such hostility is okay and would repeat the same in the future. To begin with, the owner may use a head collar or a muzzle to train the dog and control it whenever it tries to become aggressive. This, however, is not a longer tem solution to the problem of dog aggression and can only be applied during the period of the training of the pet.

One of the most effective ways to control or do away with dog aggression is to make the dog undergo a focused training program. Such programs train the dog to comprehend and follow its master’s commands and not on focus on any other dog that comes in its vicinity. With these programs, the dog gets trained to focus only on the master and follow his commands to sit down or stand up on the hind legs, even though another dog is present there. It would get to learn the art of ignoring the presence of any other member from the canine family and would concentrate only on the words from his master.

The master also has to play a role by learning to hide his emotions or nervousness. As dogs are very much in sync with the temperament of their masters, the slightest of manifestation of anxiety from the master’s side would trigger the aggression in the dog. As the master is the controller of the pack, the dog will simply follow the cues that would be given by the master. Once the pet has been trained to concentrate on his master and nothing else, it can be further trained to express his desires.

For example, if a well-trained dog wants a treat, it would not bark aggressively, but would simply look at this master in a particular style. This helps all the more when other dogs are around and the focus of your dog needs to be removed from them. The owner of the dog just needs to place a treat in front of the dog and lure it towards the treat. A well trained dog would give more priority to its master’s command and would focus on the treat rather than wasting his energy barking at the other dogs in that area.

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