Free Robux Generator Review :- Are they real ?


Free Game Hacks proudly presents our brand new Free Robux Hack, which allows you to edit your Gems, Elixirs, or Gold to any value just with a quick download of the hack software FREE, and then by selecting which you would like to edit.

We then use our custom coded C++ software, to exploit our way into the servers, and write the value, to whichever you desire. Why do we offer this service for free? Because we are all experienced programmers, who code random stuff for fun! We coded this hack for fun, and we were playing around until the game got boring. Be warned: The game gets boring once you have everything, but for the first weeks crushing all your friends is hilarious!

Beware there is ALOT of fake hacks on the internet, and they do not do what they say they will do. That’s why we are 100% committed, and make sure we keep this up to date! If this ever goes out of time, make sure you hit up our contact us page, and send us a message, and we will have the hack updated to a fresh server in under 24 hours. Note we do have to work though, so sometimes it can take a little longer, we all have jobs and families to attend to!


  1. Download the hack by clicking the large blue download button below
  2. Open the file
  3. Once the hack is open proceed to follow the text
  4. Enter which type of item you want to hack: Gems, Elixir, Gold
  5. Enter your Robux username
  6. The programme will then connect to the server; please be patient.
  7. Once an exploitable server is found, it will then begin to edit the value.
  8. Once complete, the programme will then close.
  9. Now you must wait 10 minutes, and then open Robux.

Remember all hacks coded  are created for educational purposes, and are not intended for use with malicious intent. You should only use these “cheats” to experiment with the game, and not to cause an adverse environment for other players

Please leave a comment below if you want to Thank us for the software, it took us hours of coding to create a programme that is so complicated, it hurt our brains! All seven coders here at free-game hacks contributed tons of time and effort to get this complete and worked overtime on several days, just to make sure that it was entirely working, and did not have any bugs.

The last thing we want is users complaining to us, that they didn’t get the requested amounts of gems, and instead, their account got deleted, so we made sure to make it failsafe as possible, and that if there were any issues, we would make sure to delay the release. Luckily there are no issues! And we can all enjoy Robux as a friendly game, where we can all have fun, now Download the Cheat and show all your friends who have really come to dominate the server!


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