Choosing a Right wine refrigerator

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Tastes differ. Some people spend half of their salaries on travels; the others prefer brand new trendy clothes. There is some percent of people, who cannot live without good food or delicious wine.

It happens out of sudden at some vine fest or an exhibition where they suddenly realize that red vine is not just a beverage. They get stunned by various tastes and scents, searching for more amazing sorts.

Soon they start keeping a few bottles of this elite drink. However, wine vault is a very rare thing in modern apartments and houses. And we all know that wine should be kept 55 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise it gets spoiled and turn into a sour liquid.

What to do?

No panic! There is a way out. One should look for the best wine coolers. Such aggregates fit any kitchen and are ideal places for keeping wine there 24\7. They never take much place or energy. Average wine refrigerator sets up ideal circumscription only basements or cellars.

There are various models for any taste and budget. One can find them online or offline. Check out wine refrigerator reviews and think of a few important things before purchasing.


To pick up the right size of a wine cooler, one should ask himself how many bottles they need to store there. Today a collection might count about twenty wine sorts. Although, if their amount will keep growing, a larger model is needed.

Think which room is best for the wine refrigerator. There hardly will be an ability to move it often. Check spare place, take measures and find the best wine fridge to fit both the interior and design.

There are thousands of wine cooler reviews that show off a difference between in-built devices and separate ones. If there is a nice spot – getting the one that can be built into it is a nice idea.


Customers might believe that even the best wine coolers have inline one function – storing the bottles at one temperature. There is a big surprise for them. Less expensive models indeed can offer just one function. However, there are costlier models with separate zones for red and white wine.

Elite companies offer their best wine coolers powered by digital controllers for temperature settings and children’s lock.

Professionals also recommend checking for adjustable and move-out shelves (just in case we store bottles of different sizes).

The best wine refrigerator has excess protection from ultra-violet rays. It is a kind of glass used for elite shades. Its function is the same when it comes to best wine fridges.

If you plan to store champagne – check if a gadget you are planning to buy cools sparkling vines. There usually is separate box for those types of bottles.

As we know -sun is one of the biggest wine enemies ever, so this type of protection will be just the right thing.

Climate zone

When choosing the best wine refrigerator to your taste, please mark that its effectiveness depends on the adherence to specification of exploitation.

Some devices will never fit warm rooms with stuffed air. The others can hardly survive in cold environments.

Consider your conditions and those stated in wine fridge manual for the best cooperation.


Mind that, as any other device, this one has to undergo maintenance service from time to time. For some coolers wet washing is enough, for the others cleaning should be done only by professionals with special equipment.


The last but not the least is warranty. Read the agreement thoroughly, especially if you buy an expensive fridge.

If anything goes wrong – company should take all responsibility on themselves. Although, they sometimes might state special conditions under which customers are left one on one with their troubles.

Needless to say, the longer is manufacturer’s warranty the better. Big enterprises that are keen on quality are never afraid to promise long life term for their products.

This is the main identification that shows if it is wise to trust this or that company.

Before making such an important purchase study as much information as possible and revise your personal needs and demands. Wine is a delicate drink. It deserves all the best conditions one can provide.

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